The Lobster Restaurant Front Doors

-About The Lobster-

Situated at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and the Santa Monica Pier, The Lobster seafood restaurant is an internationally recognized dining destination that is as much a part of Santa Monica’s history as the pier itself. Originally opened in 1923, it wasn’t until dishwasher-turned-owner, Mateo Castillo took the helm in 1950 that The Lobster became the quintessential “seafood shack,” so beloved by LA residents and tourists alike throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The Lobster shut its doors for several years in the 1980’s and 90’s, before again being reinvented, expanded and reopened by a family of investors in 1999. While the original structure was incorporated into the new building’s main entrance, The Lobster as it stands today is a modernly appointed, two-story cantilevered building with glass walls and seating for hundreds.

As a final stop at the western conclusion of Route 66, The Lobster is an internationally recognized destination for travelers and visitors. Its prime situation at the onset of the Santa Monica Pier, and its sweeping ocean views make it one of Los Angeles’s premiere locations to celebrate the special events in life. Meanwhile, The Lobster’s menu, designed by renowned Celebrity Chef, Govind Armstrong, is crafted to satisfy the palates of tastemakers and food lovers throughout the region.

Sustainably Designed, Locally Sourced. Artfully Composed SeafooD

While The Lobster will always be known for its beautifully prepared California Spiny Lobster & Maine Lobster, the recent addition of Chef Govind, has elevated The Lobster’s seafood menu from excellent to exceptional.

Fresh, Creative, Delicious Seafood From A World Renowned Culinary Talent

Chef Govind Armstrong comes to The Lobster with a background that includes training in some of the most famous restaurants around the world. California-born, raised in Costa Rica, and educated in Los Angeles and Europe under culinary legends including Wolfgang Puck, Mark Peel and Susan Feniger, Chef Govind is a master of California Cuisine. As an advocate for food sustainability, Chef Govind is committed to serving dishes that are crafted with only the freshest, locally sourced, and responsibly farmed ingredients.

Chef Govind’s menu takes the seafood dishes at The Lobster in a culinary direction that is sophisticated, yet approachable. With the focus on flavor and a perfect balance of taste and texture, his dishes are updated daily to account for ingredient availability, quality and creative license.

Join Us for A Remarkable Seafood Dining Experience

The Lobster delivers California seafood at its finest. We welcome local foodies, destination restaurant seekers, visitors and celebrants to join us for a dining experience unlike any other.